New kids on the blog

What with all the drama of being ruthlessly plaigiarised and then getting in trouble with the law, I totally forgot to tell you about the latest additions to the McNaught-Miaoulis Menagerie. It is like a ZOO in here, people. Like a zoo, I tells ya. See, the in-laws have gone off to Greece for five weeks (no, not jealous at all…), giving Terry and I temporary custody of their pets, almost as if we were responsible adults. Without  further ado then, people, please welcome…


George the Tortoise!

Special talent: pretending to be dead
Likes: eating his greens
Hates: it’s hard to tell what George hates, really. He doesn’t say much.


Pepe the Parrot!

Special talent: Screaming like the end of the world is nigh
Likes: Terry
Hates: Everyone else

Not forgetting, of course…


Rubin the Wolf!

Special talent: peeing on the washing machine
Likes: being the centre of attention at all times
Hates: Pepe and George. As soon as he saw them he was all, "I’m blogging this". So he did.


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