Pepeman strikes again

Rubin writes…

That stupid rubbish bird is back again. I mean, it’s like, what’s a wolf got to do to get some peace round here? Last time it came I totally scared it witless, of course, so this time what dsoes it do? It brings “backup”, that’s what.  Yeah, it’s gotta accomplice. The accomplice is this “tortoise” and man, but it is ARMED. It’s like, totally covered in armour, it’s THAT scared of me! Hee! And, like, when it sees me? It goes and hides inside its armour. Stupid rubbish tortoise. Not feeling so brave now, Pepeman, are you? Ha! Lookit the terror on its face in this picture. I’ve, like, climbed up its basket and it’s all, “No, Rubinman, don’t hurt me!”

Obviously, as soon as it arrived, I went and did me a pee on the washing machine. THAT showed them who was boss round here. Since then I’ve been keeping a low profile, biding my time until it’s time to STRIKE. Today I DID have a total run-in with Amber, though. It’s like, what I did was, I went into the garden and I stared doing me a bit of barking at the woman next door. When Amber came out to try and “catch” me though, I was all, “like to see you try, sucker!” She did try, but I ran rings round her, and I mean I LITERALLY ran rings round her. Nobody puts Rubinman in the corner, I’ll tell ya.

Anyway, I came into the house when I was good and ready, and now me n’ Amber, we don’t talk no more. Shame, but I’d do it again if I had to.

Smell yas!


  • Terry says:

    Rubin, you are an arse, a 100% arse. In fact you are so much of an arse J. Lo would be envious.

  • Bella says:

    Whew Rubinman – you sure you wanna take that bird on?? I man it’s got kinda a big sharp beak & claws hasn’t it??

  • Rubinman I like your style. Let that giant bird and tortoise know who is boss!

    OH, and I would NEVER mistake you for a poodle, cutie!

    ~ChaChi Lu Pink Champange

  • Ruby says:

    Hi Rubin,
    My name is Ruby, nice to meet you. I saw you were nominated for Awesome Blog on DWB so I figured I needed to check you out.

    That bird there…looks like real easy prey if you ask me! I LOVE to chase birds at the park so I say go for it…tell him whose boss. I guess I just be worried if he answered you back!

    Lots of Licks and come visit me if you are in the ‘hood!


  • Opy says:

    Hey Rubin,

    You have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award over at the DWB Bone Zone – head on over and cast your vote :-)


  • Jemma says:


    Oh no, you best be careful of those parrots. I live with one and he’s nipped me on my paws, my nose, and even my BUTT before!


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