ConditionronlywashingWell, I have to admit I wasn’t quite as impressed with Day 2 of my conditioner only hair washing experiment as I was with Day 1. By the time I went to bed last night my hair had started to feel a little more greasy than it would have done ordinarily, so I was slightly worried that CO-washing just wouldn’t be enough for it today. I was pleasantly surprised, then, when the conditioner did manage to get the grease out: the problem I seem to be having at the moment is that my hair just doesn’t seem to feel as “fresh” as it would after washing with shampoo.

This could just be a psychological thing, of course: it’s not nearly as greasy as it would be if it hadn’t been washed at all, and I’m not sure anyone other than me would notice any difference. It does still feel thicker, softer and less flyaway, so I’m going to be continuing with the experiment to see how it goes. Of course, I didn’t blow dry again today (no time!) so perhaps that will make a difference to the way my hair looks after the CO-wash. Time will tell…

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  1. Hi!
    i have waist-length hair,so it is old at the ends,plus its colored blonde,so it tends to be dry with greasy roots. i try to wash it not too often,maybe every 4th day. i used many types of conditioner in the last 8 years. and when i read about CO,that models do it,i immediatly tried it. my hair became oily after a shorter period of time,but i hope it did good for my baby :-DDD good luck to u!!!!
    oh,yes,one more question: In your opinion,the buildup from CO on the scalp can result in hair loss??? if so,I immediately stop it.

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