I have to confess I was really, really sceptical about this. You see, my hair needs to be washed every day. If I don’t wash it every day? Oil slick city. I was pretty sure that conditioner-only washing just wouldn’t be enough to get the grease out and make my hair feel clean, but guess what? It worked? My hair feels clean, it smells great, and it’s softer than it would be if I’d washed with shampoo. So far.

I used: Asda’s Citrus hair conditioner

Method: I rubbed the conditioner into my scalp, then applied to the the rest of the hair and left for around five minutes, while I was showering, before rinsing thoroughly and leaving it to air dry.

Result: So far, so good. There’s none of the stickiness or greasiness I was expecting, and my hair feels softer and less flyaway than usual. I haven’t tried blowdrying or styling it (hey, it’s Sunday), but so far I’m impressed.

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  1. You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, it strips it of the natural good oils. I have oily hair and use tea tree shampoo and make a hair rinse consisting of green tea, fresh mint and apple cider vinegar which really helps so I can wash it every 3-4 days now

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