BootsrefinerewindIt’s been over four weeks since I picked up my bottle of Boots’ Refine & Rewind Intense Perfecting Serum, so time for a quick review…

As I mentioned in my last post, this is actually the second time I’ve used Refine & Rewind, and I have to say the difference in my skin was less noticeable the second time round. When I first used the serum, back in April, there was a noticeable difference to pore size and skin softness – this time, although there was an improvement, it wasn’t quite as dramatic. That could just be because my skin had improved from the last round of Refine & Rewinding, or it could just be because I’ve been very stressed lately, which isn’t so great for skin, as we know. But that aside, on with the review:


One of the big plus points of this serum is that it goes on like a
dream, and feels like you’re applying liquid silk to your skin. It’s
smooth and soft, and a little bit goes a long way, so you don’t need to
use too much of it at any one time.

The drawback comes with the pump action bottle, which never fails to leave a layer of the precious serum in the bottom, where you can’t get at it. As I reach the bottom of the bottle I normally unscrew the pump and use it to get more liquid out of the bottom, but you’re still invariably left with serum you can’t use. I’m told this is actually extra serum, over and above the 30ml stated on the bottle, so you’re not actually paying for it, but I still can’t help but feel frustrated by it. I notice Boots have switched to a squeezable tube rather than a glass bottle for their Protect & Perfect Serum, though, so they may do the same thing with Refine & Rewind.


The first thing I noticed when applying Refine & Rewind is that it creates a lovely base for makeup, and I think it’s worth buying for that reason alone. After a few days my skin was softer and the pores smaller, and after a few weeks this effect had intensified. I’d hesitate to say it made me look younger, but my skin does look fresher and smoother.

Unfortunately it did nothing at all for the fine lines under my eyes, or that nose-to-mouth line I hate so much. I’m thinking of buying the eye cream from the same range to tackle the lines.

In summary

This isn’t quite the “miracle cream” the hype would lead you to believe, but it is the best serum I’ve ever used. I rarely recommend skincare products to people because my gut feeling is that most of them do absolutely nothing, but I would recommend this one – as long as you have realistic expectations of it, and don’t expect to wake up completely wrinkle-free.


Lovely to use
Creates a good base for makeup
Tightens pores
Creates softer, smoother skin


Didn’t reduce appearance of fine lines in 4 weeks
Expensive – £16 for 30 ml and you’ll need a new one every 4 – 6 weeks

  1. I think Refine & Rewind Serum is fantastic. I am 63yrs. old and a smoker (more fool me). This serum has rejuvinated my skin. My skin is softer. More glowing. And yes, it has improved my wrinkles. Particulary in the cheek area. I have to admit to using much more than the product suggests. But, due to my age and the damage that smoking has done to my skin, I felt that I possibly needed to apply more. I go through one bottle every two weeks. As I am over 60 I get 10% discount on all no7 products so, this lessens the cost of a months supply. I feel that the serum is fairly inexpensive compared to other makes. Anyway, if it works, and for me it does, it’s worth every penny.

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