Vo5mudmiracleWell, my conditioner-only washing experiment may not have been a success exactly, but I’m still on the hunt for something that will return my hair to its soft, shiny former glory, and this week I think I may just have found it.

I’ve only tried one application of VO5’s Mud Miracle Intense Masque, but already I’m impressed. Despite the name, this doesn’t actually look like mud (yes, I’ll admit I was expecting it to be a bit brown and gooey looking), but much the same as any other deep conditioner. It has a pleasant smell, too, which is always a bonus. The tub claims that you only need to leave it on for two or three minutes, but I left it on for slightly longer, shampooing my hair as normal, then working the Mud Masque through the length of my hair and letting it soak in.

The result? Well, my hair feels softer and in better condition than it has done for a while, and I’m still liking the smell, even a few hours on. Definitely something I’ll be using again, methinks.

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