Ladies & gentlemen, the second migraine of the summer is now arriving at platform 2…

Yup, it happened again folks. There I was, minding my own business, getting totally stressed out TO THE MAX, and wham! Migraine alert! I spent part of yesterday evening lying a darkened room wondering if I was going to die. How is your week going?

Oh course, chances are that my old friend Stress has caused the migraine. Yesterday was a very, very stressful day as, in addition to the "not humanly possible" workload I had cleverly managed to get for myself, I also had two commissions for The Scotsman to finish (and, indeed, to start), the house to clean, the dog to walk, and a million and one things to buy for my holiday. So, we’re certainly having a lot of fun with stress at the moment, that’s for sure. Hey, I wonder what I can justify buying myself this time?

GOD, I need a holiday.

Other things I need right now:

  • Books to read on said holiday
  • Shoes (well, DUH!)
  • sunscreen
  • Benefit Speedbrow
  • Warm, fleecy thing in case it’s cold on the plane. (Yes, you would think I’d already have something like this, wouldn’t you?)
  • Johnson’s Holiday Skin
  • Contact lens cleaner
  • Eye makeup remover
  • A pony
  • Rich husband
  • Some little vest tops because I dyed all mine blue by mistake
  • Ditto underwear
  • A couple of free hours to actually go out and buy all these things

I think I need to go lie down in that darkened room again…