Ladies & gentlemen, the second migraine of the summer is now arriving at platform 2…

Yup, it happened again folks. There I was, minding my own business, getting totally stressed out TO THE MAX, and wham! Migraine alert! I spent part of yesterday evening lying a darkened room wondering if I was going to die. How is your week going?

Oh course, chances are that my old friend Stress has caused the migraine. Yesterday was a very, very stressful day as, in addition to the "not humanly possible" workload I had cleverly managed to get for myself, I also had two commissions for The Scotsman to finish (and, indeed, to start), the house to clean, the dog to walk, and a million and one things to buy for my holiday. So, we’re certainly having a lot of fun with stress at the moment, that’s for sure. Hey, I wonder what I can justify buying myself this time?

GOD, I need a holiday.

Other things I need right now:

  • Books to read on said holiday
  • Shoes (well, DUH!)
  • sunscreen
  • Benefit Speedbrow
  • Warm, fleecy thing in case it’s cold on the plane. (Yes, you would think I’d already have something like this, wouldn’t you?)
  • Johnson’s Holiday Skin
  • Contact lens cleaner
  • Eye makeup remover
  • A pony
  • Rich husband
  • Some little vest tops because I dyed all mine blue by mistake
  • Ditto underwear
  • A couple of free hours to actually go out and buy all these things

I think I need to go lie down in that darkened room again…

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    I had a migraine yesterday, too! I ended up getting a really great massage which helped break it. But I feel your pain. Ow!

  • Reply August 15, 2007


    Hope you feel better Amber and have a fab holiday.
    Are you sure you want johstones holiday skin? It smells. Try the new Nivea formulation. It smells of apricots and is a good colour on pale skin. As recommended by my tanorexic sister who has been persuaded to part with her fake bake – its that good!

  • Reply August 15, 2007


    Molly, I just read your post – I so need to try massage, by the sounds of things!

    Jules – Johnson’s holiday skin is my fake tan of choice, I’m afraid. I’ve been through them all, but it’s the one that works the best for me (although I may well let myself be tempted by Asda’s £2-a-bottle version soon, too…)

  • Reply August 16, 2007


    Feel better soon! Don’t get too stressed before the holiday because then you will have to spend even MORE money in Florida. (Just make sure you don’t buy the very last BCBG faux wrap matte jersey dress in red at Nordstrom, or I just might have to hurt you. I have my eye on that one.)

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