A comment posted on one of my other blogs this week had me gnashing my teeth in fury and rolling my eyes in disgust. (Why yes, I DO love me some drama, yes I do.) I reproduce it here for your amusement:

“does n e one no wher chanelle got her black bow chain she wears xoxox”

Eh? Now, call me stupid (many people do) but it took me a good few seconds to actually translate this to “Does anyone know where Chanelle got her black bow chain she wears”. Even that’s not the greatest grammar in the world ever, but at least you could understand it – which is, after all, the whole point of writing. Why write something that people will have to puzzle over and spend time decoding when you could just get straight to the point with some good, old fashioned English?

Sadly, I think that good, old fashioned English is becoming an endangered species. The “xoxox” at the end of the message above tells me that it was probably written by a teenager, and this is how many teenagers seem to communicate these days. The text message has killed off the English language. Oh, how we mourn!

Personally, I refuse to give in to the txt spkrs. That’s why Pet Peeve # 3 is Text Speak. It should really have been number one, shouldn’t it?

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