Redheads! Recommend me a lipstick!

RedlipstickWell, it had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it? My trusty old lipstick finally got continued, and when I say "old" I’m really not kidding here. You see, my lipstick of choice (it was a cheap Boots No. 7 lippy in  a shade called "Hickory") was actually discontinued quite some time ago, but luckily I had one tube in reserve which I’ve managed to eke out for a very long time now. (And yes, I do know you’re not supposed to use old cosmetics. But when they keep on discontinuing lines, what’s a girl to do?)

That one last tube of ‘Hickory’ is now on its last legs, though, which leaves me with something of a problem. I, as you know, am a redhead. I have very pale skin, very pale lips, and there are hardly any colours of lipstick that seem to suit me. I’ve used perhaps five brands of lipstick in my life – if I’m lucky – and now that my last one is about to die, I’ve been searching high and low for a replacement. Have I managed to find one, though? No. I have not. That’s where you come in.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent literally hours standing at lisptick counters, trying to find something that works. No luck. The situation is now becoming quite urgent, because my natural lips are almost colourless. Without some lipstick, I look dead. I don’t want to look dead. Help me!

For the moment, I’ve been falling back on colouring my lips in with lip pencil and slicking some Lancome Juicy Tubes over the top. As much as I love my Juicy Tubes, though, I’d really, really like to find a lipstick, so that my hair doesn’t keep on sticking to my mouth. I don’t really care which brand I end up with, or whether it’s matt or glossy – I just don’t want to look like a ghost any more.

So, I need your help, fair readers. I need you to recommend me a lipstick. Now, I know this is well nigh
impossible without actually seeing the lipsticks on me, so this goes
out mostly to my fellow redheads. Tell me, which lipstick do you use? Recommend me a colour!