So, we’re flying out to Florida at 3pm tomorrow afternoon, and, it’s like…I really hope we don’t die, you know? Also: we’re flying back really late on the evening on September 10th, which is way too close to September 11th for the liking of someone who is absolutely terrified of flying. I mean, I’m not in the least bit superstitious, but the words "Florida training camps" keep flashing through my mind, and does it seem to anyone else that if there was going to be another big terror attack, the anniversary of the last one might seem like a good time to do it?

Yes, I know, I know: safest form of travel, hugely increased airport security, especially on THAT date, nothing to worry about at all, really. But just in case we do drop from the sky like a stone (OK, totally not helping myself here, am I?) I thought I’d just pop this entry up to say… well, so long, and thanks for all the fish, I guess.

Anyway, the packing is done (and was a nightmare. Did you know I own in excess of twenty five vest tops? No, neither did I, but I do. What on earth am I going to do with them all?!), the house has been cleaned and Rubin has been delivered to the house of his "grandparents", where he will be thoroughly spoiled for the next two weeks. (No Las Vegas for him this time round. He says he just wants to chill out on the down-low this holiday.) All that remains is for me to say goodnight and go and lie awake, staring at the ceiling until it’s time to get up again and go to our doom the airport.

(Despite my recent handbag-buying disaster, we will be taking the laptop (in Terry’s bag, naturally. This is why I married him) but I don’t know how often I’ll be able to get online, so if anything earth-shattering happens to any of you while I’m gone, drop me a comment or an email and I’ll reply if when I get home.)


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