The cure for stress? Handbags. Obviously.

Well, I totally found a cure for my current state of stress – or rather Erin (henceforth known as "The Voice of Temptation") has found it. It’s handbags, folks. Yes, handbags. Y’all totally thought I was going to say "shoes" didn’t you? Well, don’t think I didn’t consider it. But, although shoes are the main love of my life (man, I hope Terry doesn’t read this), I also love (and write about) handbags. So it was with no small excitement that, having just finished watching Neighbours this afternoon (Paul Robinson does have a brain tumour by the way, just as Doctor Amber predicted. Which makes me think: I wonder if I might have a brain tumour? Are red weals a sign of brain tumours?* Why, I think my head’s starting to hurt just thinking about this..) I retired to the office to find an email from The Voice of Temptation.

"Handbags" wrote Erin. "On sale." Actually, she wrote more than that, and in a proper, joined-up sentences kind of way, because she is like that. But "handbags" and "sale" were the words that jumped out at me. By the time I got her email, Erin had already bought four of said handbags for herself. I was soon to beat her spending total, though, for within minutes of hitting up that website and with just a few little clicks of the mouse, I had bought myself this:


God, I really hope Terry doesn’t read this.

No, I jest. Terry knows. And, faced with the choice of living with either Stressed-Out-Amber or Happy-Amber-Who-Also-Has-a-New-Handbag, he even agreed that yes, we can totally give up food for a while. We can eat next year or something.  Anyway, I really needed a new bag for my laptop (YES IT IS A LAPTOP BAG. IT IS TOTALLY A LAPTOP BAG. Shut up.) because – *casually inserts dramatic news in a post about handbags* – we are going to Florida in two weeks time.

Yes! Florida! Party in the city where the heat is on!All night on the beach ’til the break of dawn! We’re goin’ to Miami! Welcome to Miami! (Note: totally not goin’ to Miami. Well, I mean, we will be goin’ to Miami, but only for the day. But still.) Anyway, I wasn’t going to mention this here on the blawg because, well, there are some funny people out there, y’know? But then I bought my new laptop bag and Ithought, "Hey! I could take my laptop with me and liveblog my trip!" Because everyone will love that, right?  So, yes, Florida at the end of the month. Leaving from Glasgow airport, which was recently targeted by terrorists. Flying in to Sanford, where a plane recently missed the runway and crashed into some houses. Did I mention I’m frightened of flying?

On the other hand: Sephora! Anthropologie! Nordstrom! I really shouldn’t have bought a new handbag laptop bag!