The eyebrows have it

Remember the time I dyed my eyebrows jet black and then couldn’t go out in public for about a week? Yeah, I learned nothing from that. NOTHING.

I did try tweezing them last night, in a bid to try and make them look a little less… dramatic. So now I have jet black eyebrows THAT ARE ALSO REALLY THIN, like I drew them on with a biro or something. Another pile of holiday snaps, ruined, then. Still, at least I can cross "Benefit Highbrow" off my list of things to buy before my trip

Speaking of The List (God, I love lists, don’t you? This week I have made three: Thing to Buy, Things to Pack – actually that counts as two lists because technically we have Things to Pack in Suitcase and Things to Pack as Handluggage – and Things to Do), I’ve managed to buy everything on it except for the pony, so we’re actually doing pretty good here. I am, anyway. Terry? Not so much, really, because Terry’s computer decided to get a virus yesterday morning, so he spent the entire day re-installing Windows and having all kinds of virus-related fun, meaning that he gets to spend all of today doing the work he should have done yesterday. Let the good times roll, people!