The handbags and the gladrags that my poor old Terry had to sweat to buy me

Have y’all got the theme tune to The Office stuck in your heads now? Is it making you good and melancholy? OK, good, for I come bringing melancholy news indeed. Yes, that thing that you probably all knew would happen has, indeed, come to pass.

My handbag arrived this morning.

My laptop does not fit inside it.

So, by now you’re probably thinking one of two things. You’re either thinking "What the hell kind of huge-ass laptop does this woman have?" or you’re thinking "Looks like Amber screwed up with the measuring, huh?" Well, you are wrong on both counts. My laptop is just a little ‘un. The bag, it is big – and technically, should  hold the lappy. It doesn’t, though, because the zip? At the top? Is tiny. Tiny. There’s no way in hell my laptop is going in there, which leaves me with a dilemma. Do I:

a) Send it back and get the bag I would have bought in the first place, had I known I was buying an ordinary handbag and not a laptop bag

b) Send it back and buy a laptop bag. Or maybe: no bag, because that would be what a sensible person would do, and sometimes I like to imagine what it must be like to be a sensible person.

c) Do nothing.

The matter is complicated somewhat by the fact that the shop in question will only take the bag back now if I pay them a 15% restocking fee and spring for the shipping. So, if I send it back, I will still lose money. I don’t really enjoy spending money and having nothing to show for it, but at the same time, I can’t really justify paying the re-stocking fee and shipping and the cost of a replacement. So I should just keep it, shouldn’t I? But then, I don’t really like the hardware on it. It looks cheap. In fact, it IS cheap. Which brings me to option D:

d) Email bag store. Explain that hardware is not what I was expecting. Whine. Pout. Hope that they will agree to waive the fee so I can send it back. But then I will have no bag. I want a bag. Why can I not have a new bag?

So, we’ve gone for option D. I will keep you posted, needless to say: I’m boring like that.  And to think that just last Friday I didn’t even KNOW I needed a handbag…