Review | Imju Fiberwig mascara

FiberwigmascaraBeing the mascara whore I am, Fiberwig has been on my wish list for a while now. Why? Well, this is one of Japan’s top-selling mascaras, and it’s said to create a "false eyelash effect", making your lashes look long and luscious (now try saying that fast). "Sounds good to me!" I thought, throwing it into my Sephora shopping bag. I mean, super-long lashes – what’s not to like?

I’ve tried this a few times now, with varying rates of success. Today’s trial didn’t give me the best results I’ve had with this, but I’ve taken some "before and after" pictures anyway, which you can see after the jump, along with the review.

What is it?

Fiberwig mascara – a smudge-proof, super-lengthening mascara designed to create a "false eyelash" effect.

What’s different about it?

Fiberwig contains lots of tiny fibers which will adhere to your normal lashes (literally a "fiber wig" – geddit?) making them look longer. Unlike many mascaras, rather than painting on the colour, Fiberwig actually coats your lashes with "tubes" which don’t smudge, but which wipe off easily if you get it on your skin.

The money shots:

My lashes before mascara:


After one coat of Fiberwig:


After another couple of coats:


Dollface verdict:

The lengthening effect was most visible after a few applications, after which my lashes did look longer, although still not as dramatic as they can look with my regular mascara, Lacome’s L’extreme. What I did really like about it was the way the excess mascara that always ends up on my eyelids (yes, I am THAT clumsy) just wiped off right away. I normally have to use face cream to remove those marks, but this just comes right off. The "smudge-proof" claim is spot on: it will not run, and it won’t leave you with panda eyes, which is a point greatly in its favour.

As with most of the lengthening mascaras I’ve tried, Fiberwig didn’t work with my curled eyelashes. I always, always curl my lashes before applying mascara, and while L’Extreme holds the curl firmly in place, Fiberwig drags it right out, so although my lashes are longer when I use it, it’s harder to tell that they’re longer because they’re much straighter than I’m used to.

Good for:

People who have a tendency to end up with "panda eyes".

Bad for:

Girls who like their lashes curly

Score: 7/10

Buy It: Imju Fiberwig