Bidybutter Rare Bird Finds wrote about Bobe’s Soy Fabulous Whipped Body Butter today, and made it sound so desirable, that I feel my life won’t be complete unless I buy some to try.  Even the name “Pink Lemonade Clouds” has me licking my lips, which I know is wrong given that it’s a body butter and not food, but it certainly looks – and sounds – almost good enough to eat.

If pink lemonade clouds aren’t your thing, though, (and seriously, how could you not love pink lemonade clouds?) there are lots of other delicious sounding scents to try, including 7-Up Pound Cake, Mango Sherbet, Chai Tea Party, and who could possibly resist Caramdel Cocoa Thrill. The ‘Chimera’ scent, which is subtitled “Britney Spears Fantasy Type” on the other hand, sounds… interesting to say the least. I can only hope it doesn’t smell anything like Britney Spears…

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