Do you know how many blog posts I wrote on Friday?

Thirty nine, that’s how many. Thirty. Nine. 3-9. Thirty freaking nine blog posts, hanging on the wall.

So, yeah, I guess you could say I’m feeling a leetle bit burned out, and by that I mean, “Oh my holy God, if I even have to look at another Moveable Type/Typepad window I’m going to kill someone — or at least throw the laptop out of the window.”

But I do have to. Because I’m busy. And also because, well, that’s my job, people. But my job involves writing a certain amount of posts every week, and in order to be able to fit in all of my other work around that, I’ve been having to try and write a whole bunch of those posts in advance, at the end of the week – hence the Friday of Thirty Nine Posts, which was followed by the Weekend of Lying on My Bed Like a Burned Out Rag Doll, and, of course, the fact that there have been no posts at this here blawg for quite some time now.

Yes, all of the above is my long-winded way of saying that, whoops! I haven’t had time to write anything. Or not here, anyway. Sorry.  I must do better. First, though, I must go and lie on my bed like a rag doll again, and prepare for tomorrows blog-fest. It’s a long, long time until the weekend…*

* Actually, it’s five days, but, y’know…

  1. Wow. 39 posts. I'd lose my mind. LOL I go crazy when I have to think on one post a day for my own blog. Blah.

    I'm quite impressed, actually. I think it would be neat to write blog entries. But yeah, maybe not 39 of them. heh

  2. Chill hun. Nice hot bubble bath, candles and a glass of wine. Hell, make that two glasses of wine, and it won't seem so bad. Works for me anyway! 🙂

  3. Of course I'd like you to write here (shows up at the other place) more often, but by all means rest if you need to, otherwise you'll be typing like a rag doll (Okay, I don't know exactly what that means, but I'm also too tired to figure that out). You deserve a low key party after 39 posts.

  4. Oh deary me. I used to struggle so badly when I had work above my average 12 to make up. It's so very draining.

    I feel for you Amber. (How are you meant to do editor jobs when you're run that far into the ground?!)

    I only pray that you are getting the money to back up this level of grind.


  5. Wowser. I remember doing a fair few for Corrie Blog before I went on holiday once and it (obviously, sorry!) wasn't anywhere near that many and I came back to comments that one of them (phew only one) was a pile of shit as I had mixed up the names of the Webster sisters.(oh My God, What A Disgrace) I've always thought that the time taken for the pay received as opposed to the number of words did make it worthwhile but what a slog! I hope it has eased for you now.

  6. Just to clarify … I'm not actually *required* to write 39 posts in one day. Some of those were for my own sites, and some were me trying to write up posts in advance so I'd have a bit of time this week to do some of my other work. If I don't do that on a Friday/over the weekend, it means I can't get anything else done during the week, because the blogging takes up all my time. No one actually expects me to write 39 posts in one day, though, thank God 😉

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