Fastlash_2Continuing with my quest to get lashes so long I almost trip over them, I decided to forget about lengthening mascaras for a while and try Tweezerman Fast Lash instead.

This isn’t a mascara. Instead, it’s a concoction of tiny little fibres (not unlike the ones found in lengthening mascaras like Fiberwig, for instance) which cling on to the tips of your lashes, making them look longer. A little bit like hair extensions for your eyelashes, basically.

You use this with your regular mascara, applying one coat of mascara before adding the Fash Lash fibres, and then coating with mascara again. Technique is everything, here: the fibres need to be placed right onto the tips of your lashes, so rather than just sweeping this on like normal mascara, you’re going to need to try it out a few times before you get it right. So, how did I get on?

Pretty well, actually. I had expected this to be yet another formula that didn’t work, but once I’d gotten the hang of applying it (I curl my lases, apply the first coat of mascara and then just touch the tips of the lashes with the Fast Lash wand, which looks just like a regular old mascara wand) I was impressed. Unlike the lengthening mascaras I’ve tried, you’re applying this to the very ends of your eyelashes, on top of your normal mascara, so it doesn’t pull the curl out of your lashes. Instead, it just adds a little bit of extra length, which you can then paint over with your mascara.

Staying Power
It lasts pretty well, too. I wore it the first time for an evening out, and once my mascara had effectively “glued” the fibres in place, they didn’t budge. I’ve since tried wearing it all day, and haven’t noticed any “fallout”.

As far as appearance goes, well, it’s going to depend to an extent on the mascara you use with it. I’ve been using it with Lancome’s L’extreme, which is itself a lengthening mascara which holds the curl superbly, so the effect can be pretty dramatic if you apply the Fast Lash properly. If you’re using a more “natural” mascara, you may not see such dramatic results, but you should see some extra length.

The downside…
For me, the big downside of this formula is that it’s fairly tricky to use, and very messy – as soon as you remove the wand, lots of little white fibres will fly off it, which is why they recommend applying it over a sink or similar. Definitely don’t apply it while you’re wearing something back – or, if you do, at least tie a towel around your neck. Because it’s so fiddly, I would probably only use it for special occasions.

Does what it says on the tin, creating longer lashes.

Messy; hard to use

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Tweezerman Fast Lash 1G


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  1. I hardly ever wear mascara, but on the rare occasions that I do, I forget what a HUGE difference it can make! It can definitely make or break a look…my friends tell me I have long lashes, so I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I put in little extensions! Thanks for the tip! If you want more daily beauty, fitness, and fashion tips from the experts, go to and register…You could also win a 3 day Spa trip for 2 to Los Angeles, airfare and hotel INCLUDED!! I work with Glamour, so I have the inside scoop 😉

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