There’s been a lot of buzz in the beauty world about the new haircare range Kate Moss has launched with stylist James Brown , so naturally I was keen to try it out and see if the it actually lives up to it’s hype.

And does it? Well, this week I’ve been using James Brown London’s Combination Hair Shampoo and Combination Hair Conditioner. Read on for the review…

I have a guilty beauty secret: I’m not really into haircare. I’m obsessive about makeup and skincare, but I’ve always been of the opinion that one shampoo is pretty much like another, so I was pleasantly surprised by these ones.

The Combination Hair Shampoo contains nettle, watercress and horsetail extracts (!) which it says will reduce oiliness at the roots, while the wheatgerm locks moisture into the ends. You’re not supposed to massage your scalp, but just to lather it on and rinse it off. Which is what I did.

The first thing I noticed with this is the lovely fresh smell, which lingers on your hair all day. It lathers up nicely, and left my hair squeaky clean, which is the main thing, of course. It’s hard to tell what this would have been like used on its own, though, because right after I shampooed with it I used….

The Combination Hair Conditioner. Again with wheatgerm to lock in moisture, the thing that struck me most about this was how quickly it was absorbed. Most conditioners I’ve used seem to coat the hair and then sit on top of it until it’s rinsed off, but this went on, and seemed almost to disappear. I was tempted to add some more, but instead just left the existing conditioner on for the recommended five minutes before rinsing and drying.

And the results? Pretty impressive, actually. I’ve used both formulas twice now, and my hair today is so soft and shin that I’ve wanted to keep touching it all day. It’s also smoother than normal and feels like it’s  just been washed even now, a good nine hours after I used it.

Definitely recommended, and £5.99 for  250ml .

  1. If you’ve been using grocery store shampoo & conditioner, then all its doing IS coating your hair. All shampoos and conditioners are not the same because you can do a PERM with some grocerystore brands. Also? Those same brands contain mostly sudsing agents and plastic which just coats your hair to make it feel smoother when actually its quite damaging. Shampoos have lots of sudsing agents because people don’t feel like its working unless there’s bubbles, but with a good shampoo there’s usually not very much.

  2. I love this shampoo and conditioner, I brought it just over a week ago and have really thick hair and most shampoos which say they stop greasy roots are really drying and make my hair sticky as well…. but this is great! I had seen this a few weeks back in boots on 3 for 2 and loved the packaging and it smelt lovely, but i had just brought shampoo so thought I’d wait until I’d run out before getting the James Brown stuff.
    I finally got the James Brown Shampoo, Conditioner and Heat Protector and its the best shampoo i’ve ever used so far and i can go for about 3 days without my hair going greasy (although i usually wash it every 2 days but in an emergency you can skip a day) I love the smell to and its really easy to use. I do seem to use more conditioner than shampoo (which is very strange as its usually the other way round)
    I love this stuff!!!!! and its cheaper than most designer brands

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