Collection 2000 isn’t a brand that would normally attract my attention, but I spotted this at the supermarket last week, and as my trusty Benetint is about to run out, I decided to give it a try. The deciding factor? It was £3. Three. Pounds.

I couldn’t find an image of it anywhere on the web, but it’s called The Cheek of It, and it’s basically a cheaper version of Benetint/Tarte – in fact, it even looks like Benetint, in a similar sized bottle. It’s also a "one colour suits all" cheek and lip tint: well, it’s a little too bright for my lips, but then so is Benetint, so I tried it on my cheeks and was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t have the staying power of the more expensive brands, granted, but then it is only £3, and although the forumula looked suspiciously dark in the bottle, it was lighter on, and – to bring up the Benefit comparison again – much the same colour as Benetint.

Would I use it again? Well, probably. I’ll still keep buying my trusty old favourites, but this is a good budget buy to keep on standby for when they run out. (Or for when you spill them and stain all your bathroom towels. Please tell me it’s not just me…)

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