Toofacedlashinjection_2Too Faced’s Lip Injection may not have turned out to be the plumping gloss of my dreams, but that’s no reason to neglect the rest of their line,  so I bought their Lash Injection
at the same time, optimistically imagining a future in which I’d walk around with huge lips and extra-long eyelashes. Ah, the things we do for beauty!

As you know, the bee-stung lips didn’t quite happen for me, and I’m dissapointed to report that I didn’t have much more success with the long lashes, either.

The Claim:
"Skyscraper length and weather-proof colour, your lashes will be transformed with Toofaced extreme plumping action."

The Product:
This comes in a slightly smaller-than-average tube, but is otherwise much the same as any other mascara you’ve seen. The brush is short and on the fat side, which is one of the things I dislike when using mascara – I much prefer a longer, thinner brush – but I persevered for the sake of those skyscraper lashes.

The Result:
Not so much "skycraper" as "two storey building" I’m afraid. It didn’t hold the curl on my lashes, which I could almost have forgiven it for if it wasn’t for the fact that it didn’t hugely lengthen them, either. I did notice some thickening, and the staying power was good: I wore this on an 7-hour overnight flight, and it didn’t flake or crumble, which is a major point in its favour. Overall, it could make a reasonably good day-to-day mascara, if you’re not looking for length or volume. Me, I’m all about drama when it comes to mascara, so my Lancome L’Extreme remains undefeated…

Take a look after the jump for the before and after shots.





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