Review | Too Faced Lip Injection -lip plumping gloss

Toofacedlipinjection So, another week, another lip plumping gloss to try out, and this time it’s the turn of Too Faced Lip Injection to go on trial.

Using much the same principle as the Du Wop Lip Venom, which I lip-tested last month, Lip Injection basically irritates your lips, causing them to swell up attractively. Oh, the things we do for beauty! Actually, the stinging isn’t so bad – it was noticeable, but not unbearable, and it fades away after a few minutes. Does it leave you with Anglelina Jolie-style full, pouting lips, though, that is the question?

Well, yes and no. I think my lips looked a little plumper after using this, but then, gloss makes your lips look fuller anyway, so it’s hard to tell whether the lips themselves have changed shape, or whether they just look a little plumper because they’re covered in gloss. In any case, I didn’t see enough of a difference to particularly want to buy this again, although I did like the gloss effect. Take a look at the before and after pictures after the jump to see for yourself…





Spot the difference? Nope, me neither. If you want to buy it, though, here’s your link:

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