A Long November

I bought Ugg boots.

There, it’s out there, you can do what you will with it, but I’m begging you now, please don’t post comments telling me that OMG! THEY ARE SO UGLY! and that I must have clean LOST MY MIND, because the thing is: I KNOW. And also: I don’t even care.

While we’re admitting things, I may as well just go the whole hog and tell you that I actually bought my Uggs months ago, in Florida. Well, they were a helluva lot cheaper there (I may be mad, but not mad enough to pay UK prices, thanks very much), and even although we were basking in the rosy glow of 100 degree heat at the time, I knew the day would come when I would be back home, wearing a thermal vest under two thick sweaters, my winter coat in the house, and contemplating buying fingerless gloves to allow me to keep typing despite the deadly chill.

That day came last Thursday, and so it was that I found myself wearing a thermal vest, two sweaters, a coat… and UGGS. Why yes, I did look like an absolute freaking idiot, thank you! But here’s the thing: I did not care, and if you lived in my house, and had to walk your dog in temperatures that would freeze your nose off, you might even do the same. I mean, probably not, obviously.  I AM a freakishly cold person. Terry, for instance, doesn’t find it nearly as cold as I do, but since last Thursday I’ve been so cold that I wasn’t even joking about the whole fingerless gloves thing.

I hate this time of year with a passion. Hate it. It’s at this time of year that all thoughts of fashion have to go out the window for me, such is the struggle to keep warm. See, I just can’t stand being cold, and all those cute little dresses I bought, thinking they’d be perfect for winter? Are too cold. Instead, I’ve been walking around in a fleecy thing that’s actually meant to be worn outdoors, but which has been pressed into active service indoors, plus the aforementioned boots and vest. When I go outside I add a very thick coat, a wooly hat and gloves. (Or I would if I actually knew where my gloves were. Note to self: find gloves.) It’s absolutely miserable.

So I bought Uggs. I don’t know why, but I feel like I have to keep justifying this purchase by saying that I will not be wearing them out in public (other than walking the dog), and they were very much a practical purchase, not a fashion one. It was either that or tie hot water bottles to my hands, feet and body all winter, and it’s hard to type like that. (Trust me, I know).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to crank up the heating and iron my thermal vest…