Gosh_2  GOSH is a brand I’ve been meaning to try more of, ever since their £4.49 kohl eyeliner became a permanent fixture in my Sephora train case back at the start of this year.

Well, it looks like now might be a good time to test drive some more of the line, as Superdrug is currently running a 3 for 2 offer on all GOSH cosmetics. I’ve heard good things about the eyeshadows in particular, and the Quattro Eye Shadow seems like a good place to start, for £7.49. – although maybe not in this particular colour palette – I don’t think bright yellow and green would be a good idea in the hands of an eyeshadow novice like myself!

Browse the GOSH line at Superdrug.

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  1. I’ve just fallen in love with GOSH.
    I now work at superdrug and my discount combined with the 3 for 2 offer has led me to spend over half of this weeks wages on their make-up brushes lol
    If you’re looking for a good product, I HIGHLY recommend the extreme art eyeliner for £7…
    Yeh its a bit pricey for a liquid eyeliner but oh dear is it good…. I fell asleep with my make-up on, all of my eyeshadows rubbed off n everything but my eyeliner was still PERFECT in the morning lol I was actually in shock when i looked in the mirror hah

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