Maclipstick Looking for something a little bit different for your home? Well, I think this definitely qualifies!

It’s a portrait of your very own lipstick print – but not just any old lipstick! No, this is MAC’s Viva Glam lippy, and you even get a tube of to create the image with when you purchase your portrait. Made by DNA 11, the creators of custom portraits made from DNA and fingerprints, you get a kit containing the MAC lipstick (you get to choose the colour) and plenty of KISS image sheets to capture the impression of your MAC-coated lips.

Once DNA 11 receives the lip print back from the customer, designers hand trace the image, customize color and size, print on high-quality canvas, varnish and frame according to the order. The perfect piece of art is then shipped to the customer. Sounds like a great gift for a beauty lover – find out more at 

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