Review | Maybelline Pure Makeup foundation

Puremakeup This foundation was actually an emergency purchase for me a few months ago. I was on holiday and noticed that my regular foundation was running low, so I picked up this in the supermarket to tide me over until I could get home and begin the lengthy (well, I am a makeup addict!) process of trying to decide what my next foundation purchase should be.

I’ll be completely honest: I choose Maybelline’s Pure Makeup solely because it was the end of the vacation, funds were running low, and it was the cheapest foundation on the display – I think it was around $5. Because of the low price and the lack of thought that had gone into this purchase, I really wasn’t expecting much from it, so I was really surprised when I wore it the next day and had the first compliment I’ve had in years on my skin. (OK, it was from my mother, but hey, it still counts!)

I tried it again when I got home and was really surprised to find that this $5 foundation was actually… really good. Read on for the review…

This foundation is made from 50% water, rather than oil. This is important because it means it won’t clog your pores as much as oily foundations can, making it good for those prone to spots. My skin is normal, so I can’t tell you what the effect will be on oilier skin, but on me, I could definitely feel a difference.

The liquid itself is thick and creamy, but absorbs into the skin very quickly, leaving a smooth, matt finish which is soft to the touch. When I say "matt", I mean it too – no need for translucent powder for me after using this. The easy absorption and water based formula means that it feels very light and pleasant on the skin, unlike some oilier foundations which seem to just coat the surface.

Coverage is matt but fairly light, so if you need something with a very thick coverage, this may not be right for you. I tend to use a fairly light layer of foundation anyway, so it worked well for me, creating a natural looking appearance which I really like – and no shine!

I tried shade number 1 – Porcelain Light, but there are 12 different shades to choose from.

Has anyone else tried this foundation? What did you think of it?