Mineralmakeup This is only my second foray into the world of mineral makeup, and although the first attempt wasn’t particularly successful, I’ve been much happier with it second time around.

I used Coastal Scents’ Silk Cover Mineral Foundation in ‘Fair’. I was lucky in that this was a perfect match for my skintone, but there are seven different shades available which you can mix to create the perfect colour match – the foundations are also sold in trial sizes so you can try them out and make sure you’re happy with the colour before going ahead and buying a full-sized pot.

The application is much the same as any other mineral foundation: it comes as a powder, and you simply dip in your Kabuki brush into the pot, swirl it round, tap off the excess powder and then buff it gently onto your skin. The colour goes on sheer but very quickly builds up to the coverage you need: I currently have some very red skin under my eyes, and I was impressed by how easily this foundation covered it.

Those red marks, which are caused by some really dry skin that I get from time to time, didn’t react so well after a couple of coats, however. The redness was indeed covered by the foundation, but I found that the powder made the dryness, and the fine lines around my eyes, look more prominent. This was a problem I also had with the previous brand of mineral foundation I tried, and I suspect it’s probably not a reflection on the brand itself, but on this type of product in general (and on my shockingly bad under-eye area, of course…).

On the upside, the foundation leaves a flawless finish, making pores disappear and providing a fantastic base for the rest of your makeup. Case in point: I normally have to reapply my blusher a few times per day I just can’t seem to keep the stuff on my face, and will apply it only to end up looking like I’ve seen a ghost a couple of hours later. When I used Silk Cover, though, that blusher remained on my face all day, although I did find it harder to blend in when using a liquid cheek stain.

Overall, a thumbs up from Dollface, who now firmly intends to have further adventures in mineral makeup very soon!

Buy: Coastal Scents Silk Cover Mineral Foundation, $21.95

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