Protectandperfect Back in August, when I reviewed this product’s older sister, Refine & Rewind, I promised myself I’d follow it up with a review of Protect & Perfect… then I promptly forgot all about it, even although I’d bought the serum by then, and was using it daily. Better late than never, though, so without further ado, here’s my review of Boots’ much-hyped beauty serum, Protect & Perfect.

Does it live up to the hype? In a word: yes. Because of my addiction to all things beauty, it’s rare for me to buy the same product price: instead, I aim to try everything once, and will only repeat-purchase those products that really impress me, and which I just can’t live without.

This is one of those products.

I’m now onto my second tube, and have a £5 off voucher stashed in my handbag in preparation for the third. Before I talk about why, though, a few words on that tube itself. Since Protect & Perfect’s upsurge in popularity, its been relaunched, in a soft, squeezable tube rather than the old, pump-action bottle. This is good news: as nice as the bottle was, you’d inevitably end up with some of the precious serum left in the bottom that you just couldn’t get out, no matter how much you poked and prodded. With the tube, you can squeeze every last inch of serum out, and when you’re a skinflint like me, believe me, that’s important.

But on to the performance. Now, to be completely honest, there’s not a whole lot I can say here that I didn’t say in my review of Refine & Rewind. The two products are obviously very similar, although R&R is intended for older skin. I’ve been using Protect & Perfect since the end of August, and I don’t see any reason to move up to R&R just yet. Like its big sister, the serum goes on like silk – it feels great to apply to your skin, and it’s certainly made a difference to mine. After those two months of continuous use, my skin is softer and smoother than it’s been in a long while and – miracle of miracles! – that fine line under my right eye is definitely starting to fade!

Will the line disappear altogether? Well, probably not. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll keep buying this, because I love how it leaves my skin.

Buy It: Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum – £16

  1. This stuff stains your clothes PERMANENTLY. I have thrown out 2 white turtlenecks. There are no ingredients listed and I though that was required by law. Don’t buy this stuff. Orange stains on everything.

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