If I had to choose just one beauty product to take to a desert island, I’d choose my tweezers, absolutely no hesitation. And if I had to choose just one brand of tweezer to use for the rest of my life, I’d choose Tweezerman – no hesitation there either.

Why are they so good? Well, for a few reasons. For me, the biggest draw is the sheer precision of the things. Now, I’ve tried a lot of tweezers in my time (yes, I have a uni brow. Sue me.) and most of them will loose that all-important “spring” after a few months or weeks. The ends will go blunt, the grip won’t be as good, and you’ll find yourself casting around for a new pair of tweezers to replace the ones that suddenly just don’t work as well any more.

This is why Tweezerman tweezers are worth the extra money you’ll spend on them, because while most other brands will get blunt and loose their grip, Tweezerman tweezers just … don’t. The longevity of them is outstanding: my oldest pair are now four years old, and show no signs of flagging. And if they do get blunt, you can send them back to Tweezerman to be sharpened for free.

While I was skeptical to start with, these really do deserve their excellent reputation. They’ll remove even the smallest, most hard-to-get-at hairs, and trust me: with eyebrows like mine, I should know.

The pair shown above are the limited-edition animal print versions, which are $25 at Nordstrom. The regular stainless steel tweezers will set you back around $22.

BuyTweezerman Slant Polished Stainless Tweezer

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