Benefitlemondade I think I’ve probably mentioned here before that my eyes are one of my problem areas. At the slightest sign of stress, or lapse in my beauty routine, they’ll get red, puffy and sore, and that’s why Benefit’s Lemon-Aid is one of my "couldn’t live without" products.

In fact, not to sound overly-dramatic here, but Lemon-Aid saved my sanity on my wedding day. For the week before the big event, I’d had a horrendous time of it: my eyes had swollen to epic proportions, and although I’d managed to get the swelling to go down before the wedding itself, I’d been left with horrible, dry, scaly skin that absolutely nothing would get rid of.

When I tried to apply my makeup before the ceremony, it was a nightmare: concealer just stood out like a beacon on top of the dry skin, but if I left it off, the redness made me look like I’d been up crying all night.

Enter Lemon-Aid. You see, Lemon-Aid is a concealer for the eyelids, but it’s also a colour-correcting cream that gets rid of redness and leaves you with perfect looking lids. It works well as an eyelid primer, but it also looks good on its own, covering up the creases that all eyelids have, and leaving you with a smooth, natural looking finish.

What’s more, it doesn’t just work on eyelids. I very rarely get spots, but if I do, they can be tough to conceal. Enter Lemon-Aid, again. A few dabs of this works better on red, angry looking spots than any other concealer I’ve tried, because not only will it cover the spot, it will also cover the redness, without giving that "caked on concealer" look you can end up with.

So, in other words: I really like this. Buy it.

Buy: Benefit Cosmetics

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