Benefitspeedbrow I was reminded to write a review of Benefit Speed Brow this morning when I realised my tube of the stuff was almost empty, and made a mental note to stock up on some more, asap. That’s always a good sign that a product is worth buying, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to describe this as a Holy Grail product, it’s definitely something I use every day and don’t like to be without.

Benefit Speed Brow is an eyebrow gel which you use to tame your unruly brows. Because my brows definitely fall into the "unruly" category, I find it gives me a much more "groomed" appearance than I’d otherwise be able to achieve. It looks a little bit like a tint tube of mascara, and you use the wand to brush the solution over your eyebrows. Speed Brow will then hold them in place, keeping stragglers at bay and keeping everything neat and tidy.

I love it because it really does hold your brows in place -I can even make mine look like they have a bit of an arch to them when I use this, which pleases me no end. It also colours the hairs, so there’s no need to pencil in your brows, if they’re very pale, like mine.

Speed Brow comes in two different shades of brown (I like the darker one) and there’s also a clear version for those of you who want the groomed look but don’t need to make your eyebrows any darker.

Dollface’s Verdict: Great for groomed-looking eyebrows. A must-have in my makeup bag.

Buy:    Benefit Speed Brow, $16

  1. I just use hairspray to do the same thing, lol
    Except sometimes it gets all flaky and gross, so maybe this would make spending a little more worth it.

  2. I’ve been using clear mascara to control the eyebrows. But this does sound like an ineteresting product. When using clear mascara you always have to be careful not to smudge the eyebrow liner, and this product looks like it takes care of that problem. You wouldn’t need a liner with it, right?

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