Nailpolish I’m not very good at wearing nail polish on my fingernails: I seem to have a talent for chipping it, and there are few things I hate more (beauty-wise) than chipped nail polish, so I tend to stick to clear or sparkly stuff on my fingers. My toes are a different matter, though, and I feel totally undressed without a slick of bright red nail polish on them – which is probably why I now own about five bottles of the stuff.

My current favourite is So Laque! by Bourjois, which I tried, not in this bright pink, but in Rose Escarpin, which is the perfect, Hollywood starlet red. So far, I love it: it goes on easily, and, perhaps more importantly, stays on for a long time. I put mine to the test on Friday night by going out dancing in slightly-too-tight heels (yeah, clever of me, I know), and expected a chipped mess to greet me when I finally removed it, but nope, the nail polish hadn’t budged, which is about as good as it  gets for nail enamel.

Buy: Bourgois So Laque! Nail Enamel, $9

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