False eyelashes are fiddly, difficult to apply, and prone to falling off at the worst possible moment. (Or they can be, anyway). That doesn’t stop us from loving the look of them, though, and it hasn’t stopped me from buying every lengthening mascara I can get my hands on, in the hope that it’ll allow me to recreate that false-eyelash effect with just the sweep of a mascara wand.

It’s not quite as simple as that, of course, but I have finally arrived at a technique I’m happy with. Here’s how I do it…

You’ll need:

* One pair of eyelash curlers

* One waterproof lengthening mascara – I use Lancome L’Extreme in noir.

* One fibrous lengthening mascara – I use Imju Fiberwig, also in black

The Application:

Step One: Curling

Take your eyelash curler, and curl both eyelashes. This is such a simple thing, buy it makes such a big difference. Remember, eyelashes that point up towards your eyebrows will always look longer and more dramatic than lashes which point straight out towards your nose. The curl will also open up your eyes, giving added emphasis – no bad thing.

I use a regular metal eyelash curler, but I give it a quick blast with my hairdryer before I use it (be careful you don’t get it too hot!). The heat really helps create a better curl, so either try the hairdryer trick or buy a heated curler: the choice is yours, but I find metal curlers work better and last longer.

Step Two: Waterproof Mascara

That you use waterproof mascara rather than regular stuff for this step is super-important: not because you’re going to need your mascara to be waterproof, particularly, but because waterproof formulas tend to hold that curl you’ve just created much better than regular ones do. A regular mascara will generally drag the curl out of your lash, so even if it does make them longer, they won’t look that much longer.

As mentioned above, I like Lancome’s L’Extreme, which, as well as being waterproof, is also a lengthening formula. A few coats of this, and you should already be starting to see that false eyelash effect. One more step, though, will make all the difference.

Step Three: Fibrous Mascara

I’m using the term "fibrous" here to apply to any of the current breed of lengthening mascaras which contain lots of tiny fibres, which are designed to cling to the tips of your eyelashes, making them look longer. I use Imju Fiberwig for this, but something like Too Faced Lash Injection will probably also work.

This mascara isn’t waterproof, so it’s important that you apply it after the waterproof mascara. Your lashes should now be perfectly curled, with the curl held in place by your waterproof mascara. The trick now is to apply Fiberwig (or whichever second mascara you’re using) to the tips of your lashes only. There’s no need to comb it all the way through, as these formulas are designed to cling to the tips, creating extra length. While I find that they don’t quite do that when used on their own, when used on top of another mascara, the results can be fabulous.

Et voila, you’re done! You should now be the proud owner of a pair of huge, long lashes!   


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