We’ll be looking at the technicalities of setting up a freelance writing website soon. For now, though, just trust me: if you’re serious about your freelance writing business, you’re going to need a website.

Most people who find themselves in need of a freelance writer or editor don’t have a clue where to look for one. I’m not talking here about magazine editors or other publishing professionals: they’re a whole other nut to crack, and not the subject of this post.

What I’m talking about are the employers who find themselves looking for a writer for the first time: the new business owner who needs content written for his website, the established business owner who realizes she could be doing with a writer for that brochure she’s putting out, the new novelist who finishes his magnum opus and suddenly finds himself in need of a proofreader or editor.

These people often have no idea where to find the professionals they need to help them with their projects. If you need a plumber, joiner or electrician, you’ll normally look in your Yellow Pages, or in your local paper. The same goes for accountants, lawyers, chiropractors – in fact, just about any other profession you can name. Writers, though? Where do you find them? Well, on the Internet, of course.

Often when an employer realizes he or she needs the services of a freelance writing business, he’ll do one of two things:
1. Ask around to find out if anyone he knows has ever used a freelancer
2. Look online

If you don’t have some kind of online presence, then, you won’t be found. It’s as simple as that.


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