Despite having the straightest of straight hair, I’m well aware of how much sleeker and polished a good pair of hair straighteners can make you look, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to try out Hair Devils’ Ceramic Irons this week.

Having always assumed that good hair irons had to cost a small fortunes (GHDs, for instance, typically retail for around £120) I was really pleasantly surprised by these. They’re currently selling for just £30 at Miss Groovy, and come in lots of different colours – mine are the bright, Ferrari red shown above, which I love.

As for the performance – top marks for that, too. The irons heat up fast – they’re ready to use within a few seconds, but don’t get so hot that you’ll hurt yourself with them. (Not if you’re careful, anyway). These are Tourmaline Cermamic straighteners, which are similar in shape and production to GHDs, as well as being kind to your hair. One quick sweep through was enough to straighten out the few kinks I always end up with at the front of my head after drying, but what I really love these for is their ability to create curls and flicks.

Given that hair-styling isn’t my strong point, I’ve been walking around with more or less the same style for most of my life. Hair Devils make it very easy to change all of that, and I’ve been experimenting with gentle waves, and with flicking my hair under, for a much more polished look that I usually go for. This is really easy to do by just giving a quick flick of the wrist when you reach the bottom of the hair. I tried this early on Sunday morning, before going out for the day, and when I came home after midnight my hair still looked the same as it did when I set out. This is something of a miracle for my fine, hard-to-style hair, so I was impressed to say the least.

Dollface’s Verdict: A great, budget hair iron that does the same job as more expensive models.

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