Lippoison Yes, I’m still on the hunt for a product that will give me lips like Angelina Jolie. This time, though, I’m trying something a little bit different…and something that actually seems to work, too.

Miss Groovy’s Lip Poison may look and sound like a lip plumping gloss, in the same vein as DuWop’s Lip Venom or Too Faced Lip Injection, but it’s not. Lip Poison is actually a Night Time Collagen Treatment that’s designed to be painted onto your lips every night before bed (although it can also be worn during the daytime and under lipstick). Give it thirty days or so, you’ll have fuller, plumper, sexier looking lips -or that’s the idea, anyway.

Because of the “thirty days” bit, we’ll be following up with this product once I’ve had a chance to try it out over the timescale specified. My initial impressions, though, plus some before and after photos, are after the jump…

One thing about Lip Poison that is similar to products like Lip Injection and Lip Venom is the way it works. Lip Poison contains a blend of essential oils and spices that stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the lips, leaving them looking bee-stung. What’s different about Lip Poison is that it actually seems to work.

I first used this before bed one night. Within seconds of me painting on the formula and switching off the light, my lips started to sting (don’t worry, that’s what’s supposed to happen). I actually find the stinging sensation fairly pleasant. It’s certainly not “painful”, and it offers a bit of reassurance that it’s starting to work its magic.

In the morning I stumbled out of bed and looked in the mirror. I couldn’t see any difference to the size of my lips, so I decided to use Lip Poison again that morning. I painted it on before doing the rest of my makeup, and by the time I was done, something strange had started to happen. Could it be that Lip Poison was actually… working?

It looked like it, so I decided to put it to the Man Test. “Notice anything different?” I asked Mr. Dollface, showing him my lips. “Big lips!” said Mr. D, impressed. He wasn’t the only one. Having tried more than my fair share of lip plumping glosses, so far this is the only one that actually seems to make a difference. My lips were noticeably plumper immediately after use, and although that effect does wear off after a while, a top-up application should sort that out.

I also like the fact that this is a lip treatment rather than a gloss, so while it does add gloss to your lips, it’s not the full-on shine of a regular gloss, which means you can wear it with lipstick if you want to. It’s also not as sticky as most glosses I’ve tried, which means it gets another thumbs up from me.

As I mentioned, this is just a first impression. I’ll be continuing to use Lip Poison for the next thirty days, to see if it really does make a difference, and we’ll be reviewing it again at the end of that time. Until then, take a look at the before and after shots, and judge for yourself whether it makes a difference.

Buy: Miss Groovy Lip Poison, £12.99


(NOTE! Although my lips look lopsided on this picture, with one side plumper than the other, they actually weren’t – it’s just the angle of the photo!)

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