Prescriptivesmagic I really wanted to love this. I’ve read so many good things about it that I thought I couldn’t possibly fail to love it. So I tried it. Then I tried it again. And a third time. I’ve been trying it now for well over a week, hoping that the "magic" would finally kick in, and I’d be able to bring you a glowing review, but sadly, it didn’t happen. Maybe it’ll work for you, but Prescriptives Magic Illuminating Potion certainly isn’t doing a whole lot for me, I’m afraid.

What is it?

This is a primer that you can wear either under or over foundation, to create a flawless finish. Prescriptives say: " This liquid illusion with three-dimensional holographic pigments plays with light to create flawless looking skin."

So, does it?

I tried it under my foundation first of all. When I first applied the liquid, I was surprised to find that it made my skin look really greasy – like an oil slick, in fact. This didn’t really matter, given that I was applying foundation over the top of it, but it didn’t actually make any difference to my appearance either, which is what I was hoping for. Perhaps using it with Prescriptives foundation would be the way forward here.

The next day, I used it over foundation, to add a bit of glow to my skin. I used the Illuminating Potion on my cheekbones only – it just looks too greasy to use all over the face – and while it did add a bit of "glow", the effect wasn’t as good as other illuminates, like High Beam or even Revlon’s Skinlights.

As I’ve said, I’ve tried this quite a few times now, and while the "oil slick" effect is diminished by using just a small amount of the lotion and wearing foundation over the top, I just don’t feel it’s making any difference to my skin. Maybe I’m using it wrong?

Has anyone else tried this? Did you have a different experience?

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  1. They do a solid version of this which I quite like. I use it all over my face under foundation and on its own. I also use it just as a highlighter at other times. I quite like it. Maybe being solid its easier to apply sparingly?

  2. I have not tried this lotion, but I have the Magic* powder and when I use it as a finishing powder I get “wow, you look great” comments. It also feels nice and cool when it’s applied, I guess there’s some kind of water molecule trapped in the powder. I dunno how, it’s “magic,” after all.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Amy and Jules – looks like I need to try some other versions of this, then. I’m determined not to give up on it when I keep hearing so many good reviews!

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