This kind of job advert makes me sad:

Reword Articles:

We need 50 reworded copies of 10 articles.
Each article will be between 500-800 words, and will be provided to you.

Change: Titles, and one word per sentence changed to a synonym, some sentences & paragraphs moved around.

(From -guess where? – Craigslist)

So, basically, what this person is looking for is someone who will plagiarize another writer’s work, changing only “one word per sentence” and moving things around a bit.

This isn’t writing – it’s stealing. Sadly, though, it’s all too common on the Internet, where anyone can set up as a “publisher”, without any understanding of the ethics, or, indeed the law pertaining to published works.

The rest of this job advert goes on to explain that the articles being purchased are intended for article distribution sites, so not only will the poor original author have his or her work stolen, the plagiarized copies will then appear on multiple different sites, helping to line the pockets of someone with no talent or creativity of their own. Sickening.

I reported this listing to Craigslist, so hopefully it won’t exist by the time you read this post. If you’re approached by a would-be employer who asks you to plagiarize someone else’s work in this way, though, I can only hope you’ll say “no”. (Although you may want to say something much ruder…)


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