The ability to write press releases is a good skill for a freelancer writer to have, both because it’s a tool which will help you promote your own writing services, and because it’s a skill you can sell to your clients. In the first part of our series on How to Write Press Releases, we look at the reasons this form of promotion is so popular…

People love stories. Most of us get a daily fix of storytelling of some description, whether it’s from reading a book or newspaper, watching TV or just enjoying a good chat with a friend.

What’s more, we remember the stories we hear – and if they interest us enough, we find ourselves repeating them to everyone we know. Good stories are never forgotten, and never ignored. If only the same could be said for adverts and marketing materials!

Think about the last time you read a newspaper. I’m willing to bet you remember at least one of the stories you read in it, if not more. But can you remember the advert that was on the same page?


These days, people are so inundated with marketing and advertising messages that we just don’t notice them any more. We’ve managed to tune them out.  Consumers are tired of over-hyped marketing which makes ridiculous claims and uses too-many exclamation marks. They’re tired of adverts which interrupt their favourite TV show, or fall out of their magazine as soon as they open it.

So they ignore them.

This is the main reason why so many business owners are turning away from traditional advertising and marketing methods and using press releases instead to put their message across.

When you write a press release and send it out, it will appear (if you’re lucky enough to have it appear!) in the publication as an ordinary story. What that means is that it will be read. Actually persuading people to read your message is the biggest hurdle to overcome when you’re using traditional advertising methods. With PR, however, you don’t have that problem. And the reason? Because people love stories.

What’s your story?


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  1. In the 1980’s I became an expert at writing numerical algorithms: prediction theory, and fractal theory—the use of recursions to create ‘dust functions’ (reminiscent of clouds, where global-to-local feedback loops re-blend content so profoundly their progress defies the use of linear functionals to predict trajectories, except as a vague statistical notion.)
    In the 1990’s I became an expert at advanced English prose styling while writing books: hybrid science-fiction magic-fantasy romance, which became my heart.
    Thus, I could merge two branches of highest theory to write for you a press release. And, having scrutinized this website suite, I would almost pine the opportunity to work for anyone involved.
    The rest of my story echoes how I became old so young. No one could want it. “You’re Not The Only One” quite literally brought tears to my eyes.
    I quit socializing around 2004. I never talk to anyone on the ground anymore. I have recently posted a few comments to multimedia artists cheering them on, but I shudder at the vision of blogging in the sense of conversation. I miss girlie voices and my girlie cats, but I can’t so much as remember how it feels to co-occupy a room.
    I half wish I hadn’t written this. I wonder how I’d react to me if I met me.

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