Well, 2008 has arrived without incident. There was food. There was wine. There was karaoke. There was an email from an idiot telling me that I have a “vacuous frigid cold heart” (lack of punctuation his, I hasten to add), but that happened at the tail end of 2007, so so far 2008 remains unmarred by Stupid People, although probably not for long, knowing my luck.

And why was I told I have a “vacuous frigid cold heart” (that’s so going to be my new tagline next time I re-design this site, by the way), I hear you ask?* Because I would not let the person in question post spam on my fashion blog. When I told him this I got an email back saying:

“Nice to know the Christmas Spirit is dead in your vacuous frigid cold heart

Good luck in hell…”

Which was…nice. The guy is the owner of a website selling t-shirts. I don’t want to send him any traffic, but I promised him I’d be sure to tell everyone how totally lovely he is to deal with, so if you were to Google the words “Retro God”, you’d probably find him. Not that you’d be able to buy anything from him, though, because I’d imagine he’s probably topped himself by now, having sent me a follow up email telling me I was “ruining his life”, but that this was OK because he’d “had enough of it, anyway”. Weirdly, this melodramatic missive also included the question, “How on earth do fashion designers without a budget get noticed by you anyway?” Answer: NOT BY SENDING ME INSULTS BY EMAIL, EINSTEIN.

Anyway, that was 2007. I kind of miss it. It was the year I got married. Had my first holiday since Terry got sick. Returned to my sort-of-second-home, in Florida. Started going to the gym. Spent a memorable couple of days with orange teeth. Yeah, 2007 was a good one, alright. I just don’t think 2008 can match it, and this makes me worry about what hellish things 2008 may have in store for me. On the other hand, I guess it could have some pretty cool stuff in store, too: I’ll just have to hope that my vacuous, frigid, cold heart is up to the challenge of enjoying it all.

* Not really, but let’s pretend you care.

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  1. You've had a great year, and how did I not ever see your gorgeous wedding pictures? You're so beautiful!

    Hope that 2008 brings lots of joy to your vacuous, frigid, cold heart. 😉

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