Carmex Having heard a whole lot of good things about Carmex – Lip Salve , and given that it’s still that time of the year when I walk around with sore, cracked lips all day, I finally decided last week that it was time I tried this stuff out for myself. And I’m glad I did…

First of all, Carmex is cheap – it’ll only cost you £1.85 from, which is pretty good value considering the second point I have to make about it, which is that it works. Carmex is a nice, non-sticky balm that instantly soothes and repairs sore lips. I put it on just before bed the first night, and by the time I got up the next morning, my lips were feeling smooth and soft, which is good because that’s pretty much the whole point.

Since then, my little pot of Carmex has been sitting on my desk. This could be a bad thing, because I think I could be getting addicted to it. The thing is, although it has a faintly medicinal smell, once you put it onto your lips, it actually makes them tingle. It’s this tingling that I’ve become addicted too – for some reason I find it a really pleasant sensation, which is why I can’t seem to stop dipping my finger in and putting some more on. Then again, maybe that’s the whole point…

Buy: Carmex – Lip Salve Carmex moisturizes and protects your lips, 7.5g

  1. yeah, carmex is super addicting. i know people who have been addicted for years.
    i heard that they put something in it that makes your lips soft and then dry later, leaving to keep on using it more and more

  2. Have you tried Blistex? It comes in a little white pot the same size as Calmex. I haven’t tried Calmex before, but Blistex is brilliant, it has spf 20 as well which stops me getting the horrid chapped-ness in the first place. It’s made in the US, so I presume it’s available in the UK (it is in NZ)

  3. @ Joy – I haven’t noticed any drying out after using it, but I have noticed how addictive it is, so I’m not surprised some people have been addicted for years!
    @ Kerry – it’s on my wish list! I just can’t resist buying lip balms at the moment!

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