Dave Barry loves me*

People, Dave Barry has linked to The Fashion Police from his blog. I am ridiculously exited about this because: Dave Barry! Read my blog! Or, you know, at least looked at it! His entry got 62 comments. Mine got… 2. But hey! Still excited!

Anyway, other than that, the lurgy has continued to dominate my thoughts today, although it does seem to be a little better than it was yesterday. And oh, while we’re on the subject of yesterday, and for the benefit of those of you who were totally confused about the reference to “Terry’s cat”, which was apparently making an odd, whining noise, it was in fact, Terry’s car that I was talking about. Not his cat. Terry doesn’t have a cat, and if he did have a cat, it should be obvious to us all by now that Rubinman would eat that cat. Or at the very least, would bite its butt.

So, in conclusion: no cat here. And the car seems to be fine now too, for those of you who care. And now I’m off to look for more pictures of skirts with “butt windows” in the back

* Not actually true


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