Fait accompli. At freaking last.

It’s done. Yes, folks, I know most of you probably assumed that we finished redecorating the bathroom weeks ago, and just forgot to mention it (as if!), but no, it really has taken us THIS LONG to get it done. Given that I started writing about this on January 8th, and the bathroom, hall, living room, kitchen and spare bedroom have been like building sites ever since, you can only begin to imagine the torment I have been through with this.

There has been blood (no, really – Terry cut his hand and bled all over the wall. If the next people to buy the house ever remove those tiles, they’ll think they’ve bought a House of Horrors). There was sweat. There were tears. There was an entire weekend when I had to drive to the gym just to shower (literally just to shower – well, you didn’t think I’d actually work out while I was there, did you?). And now, there is a shiny new bathroom to show for it all. A bathroom which isn’t actually totally finished yet, but let’s just pretend it is, mm’kay?

Anyway, it was only as Terry put the finishing touches to said bathroom last night that it occurred to me that, hey, we totally should have taken some "before" and "after" shots to be able to compare it. Then I could have called this entry A Tale of Two Bathrooms. But we didn’t, and so you’ll just have to make do with the crappy title I did give it, plus this silent movie I took earlier today, the bathroom being too small for me to take actual photos in it. Watch out for a special guest appearance by The Radiator-Come-Towel-Rail.

Props to Terry for his mad bathroom redecorating skillz. We’d like to thank all our family and friends for their support during this very difficult time. Next month, join us on another crazy journey as we attempt to replace the kitchen without losing our minds or breaking the house again. No, I’m really not joking…

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  • Reply February 18, 2008


    Poor, poor Terry… ;+)

  • Reply February 18, 2008

    Lila athanaselis

    yeahhh!! so glad its done, but not as glad as you two are!

  • Reply February 18, 2008

    Erik (Sorrento)

    Nice going! And less than a month and a half is quite a respectable amount of time to get that much DIY work done. It looks great. Can you do my bathroom?

  • Reply February 19, 2008


    Congratulations and may I say nice bathroom. I raise my glass to lovely long showers and warm towels :)

  • Reply February 19, 2008


    Now my hands are no longer smooth and soft. I have the fingers of a workman! :( This is not good news so I will have to bathe them in asses milk for a few weeks before I start "project kitchen".

    Anyone know where I can get asses milk?

  • Reply February 19, 2008


    congrats on getting it all done. i can imagine that was quite the project. just thinking about it makes me tired. it looks lovely!

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  • Reply February 20, 2008


    Wow! Color me jealous. I love the new bathroom. Someday we'd like to turn our master bathroom into a closet (because it really is the size of a closet) and then add a whole new bathroom. But we'll see if and when that really happens!

  • Reply February 21, 2008


    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Maybe they will encourage Terry to get his finger out and build me a new kitchen now :)


  • Reply February 25, 2008


    I love it! I especially liked the wave to the camera!

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