For Valentine’s Day, Mr Dollface and I both opted to give each other gifts themed around the idea of "We’ve got a new bathroom and by God, we’re going to use it", so I got him a selection of stuff from Lush (Terry is actually a man, I promise, he just really likes Lush) and he got me this:


Yes, it’s Gelicity’sGel Spa Bath. It turns your bathwater into… gel.  And as soon as I laid eyes on it, I realised there was only one thing to do: force Mr Dollface to act as my model in a quick guide to how to actually use the stuff. Look after the jump, then, for Mr Dollface’s Guide To How To Have A Gelicity Spa Bath…

Step One: fill the bath to the halfway point


Lookit the fun he’s having already! The water should be the temperature you’d normally have your bath at – you add make it hotter or colder as you wish later.

Step 2: Pour in the gel powder (for yes, ’tis in a powdered form)


Step 3: Stir it with your hands


It didn’t require a huge amount of stirring, and I’m pleased to report that the wooden body brush Mr Dollface used to help him with the stirring didn’t suffer any ill-effects, i.e. it didn’t turn blue.

Step 4: Congratulations! It’s a blue bath!


You must now wait five minutes for the water to turn to gel. You must also pray to any God willing to listen that your sparkling new bathroom does not turn blue because of all of this. Because admit it, that’s totally what you think’s going to happen here, aren’t you? Well, it isn’t. Sorry.

Step 5: Enjoy your gel-filled bath!


Also enjoy: looking like a disembodied head! And no, you’re not getting pictures of his naked body, no matter how much you beg and plead.

Step 6: Find a large blob of undissolved gel on your body



Step 7: Pour dissolving powder into bath and mix with hands. Then shower off the blue stuff.Shower

Note: artist’s impression only.

Now, I also tried this myself, and let me tell you, it was a pretty strange experience, and not unlike sitting in a large tub of warm slush. Not, of course, that I’ve ever sat in a large tub of hot slush, but if I did, I just bet it would be exactly like that. The gel bubbles are fun to run through your fingers, too, and while the surface of the bath gets cold at the normal rate, the gel traps the heat, so you stay warm under your gel.

Those large blue blobs were everywhere – in fact, I’m still picking them out of my hair now – but it was actually strangely satisfying to squeeze them. In fact, the only downside I can see to this stuff is the cleaning up afterwards. You’re supplied with a second tub of powder which you have to pour in and mix around to dissolve the gel. This doesn’t take long, but the bath did have to be scrubbed immediately afterwards, and although you’d do that anyway, there was an added urgency to it because I didn’t want blue gel lying around anywhere. It didn’t stain or towels, bath or anything else, though, which was a blessing.

As for whether it was any more relaxing or soothing than a normal bath – well, not really. But it was a lot more fun…

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