I Love Lists

It’s been a while since we had a good ole list-fest round here, and because I’m not ashamed to fall back on bullet points when I’m feeling lazy, let’s welcome with open arms the first Forever Amber Bulleted List of 2008!

  • I have some kind of lurgy. It’s kind of disappointing, actually, because it’s not a proper lurgy. If it was, I’d be lying in bed right now, eating grapes and demanding that Terry drive down to the supermarket to buy me Lemsip and chicken soup. As it is, I’m just sitting here trying to work with a slightly sore throat, a slightly runny nose and a slight feeling of lurgy.
  • I know beyond doubt, though, that while I am currently not ill enough to retire to bed until I’m feeling better, by the time the weekend comes, and there’s absolutely no chance of getting some guilt-free time off work, it will develop into a full-blown flu. Gah.
  • I’m thinking of getting a fringe/bangs. Yes, again. Because that last fringe I got cut? Wasn’t actually a fringe. As soon as I finished uploading those pictures of it, I just swept it to one side, and my hair looked exactly the same as it had looked for the past twenty years. This time, though? Will be different. Oh yes. Well, maybe
  • As soon as my weird, possibly mythical, car problem resolved itself (by which I mean, "It hasn’t happened since, so we’re just not going to think too hard about that right now, thanks") Terry’s car started making a weird whining noise, so today we took it to the garage to have it fixed, and they charged us £110 for the privilege.
  • We decided to walk to the garage to pick the car up.
  • We thought it would be, you know, nice.
  • It wasn’t nice.
  • Actually? It was pouring.
  • Because that’s what it does in February, dumbass Amber-and-Terry.
  • I had to stand outside the garage in the rain for ten minutes with the dog, while Terry paid for the repair work/whatever it was they did to the car.
  • And while I was standing there, some guy came out, got into his van and did a SARCASTIC WOLF WHISTLE at me. MEN! WHY?!
  • I know it was sarcastic because I was wearing Ugg boots at the time.
  • Before you all judge me on that, let me just remind you: February. Scotland. And let me just say, "Walk a mile in my Ugg boots before you try and tell me I shouldn’t own such things."
  • The car is still making the squeaking noise, though.

So, basically you’re all up to date.  It exciting being me, it really is. Now, back to my regularly scheduled lurgy…