Rehab "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, no, no, no…!" Oh, come on – you know that song’s stuck in your head now, too! Actually, Amy Wineshouse’s ‘Rehab’ gets stuck in my head every single morning now, when I wash my hair with Lush’s shampoo of the same name. This is the downside of this product. Luckily, though, there is an upside, too…

I bought Rehab because, to put it bluntly, my hair is in a real mess at the moment: coarse, dry, damaged – in fact, I’ve been tempted to just get it all chopped off, that’s how much it’s annoying me at the moment. Rehab is designed to cure all that. It will, says the Lush website, "turn dull, weary hair into a calm, refreshed mane." "I’ll have some of that, then," I thought…

I love buying from Lush’s website. As well as this, I also bought some soaps and body gelees as a Valentine’s gift for Mr Dollface (who I think I have mentioned before, is a complete Lush addict). It all came wrapped up in a brown box, tied with ribbon and covered in cute stickers, but best of all, the products come packed in popcorn – yes, real, live, popcorn, that you can eat. Or, in our case, that you can leave lying around on the office floor for the dog to find and eat. Lucky dog…

But onto Rehab.

When you open the bottle, the first thing you’ll notice about this is the scent. It’s pure peppermint, which opens your sinuses first thing in the morning and has a good, clean feel about it that makes you feel kind of virtuous and good about yourself. So it’s starting to work already.

The shampoo itself, I should say upfront, has not given me a glowing mane of healthy hair. Or not yet, anyway, and I suspect that this is a job that cannot be accomplished by mere shampoo alone. It does, however, work up to a nice lather, and leaves your hair and head feeling very squeaky and clean, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Does it do it better than other brands, cheaper brands, though? I’m not convinced that it does, and given that Rehab is on the expensive side – the smallest size is $12.45 – it’s probably not a shampoo I would rush to buy again. Yes, it’s nice, and it left my hair clean and manageable, but no more so than many drugstore brands I’ve tried, which have cost a fraction of the price.

Dollface Rating: 3/ 5

Buy: Rehab Shampoo

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