Ornagesmoothie If it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of talking about bath and body products lately well, yes, guilty as charged. The thing is, we recently revamped the bathroom here at Dollface Towers, and now that it’s all sparkling and fresh (and, to be honest, feels a little bit like a bathroom in a hotel or something) I’ve been motivated to spend a lot more time in it – and, of course, to buy up lots of lovely bath products! Well, they look nice sitting on the shelves, even it will take me months to get round to using them all…

Anyway, one such product purchased purely to help me make the most of my new bathroom was Nirvana Spa’s Orange Smoothie Shower and Bath Gel. It’s pictured here with the matching body scrub, which I haven’t tried, but probably will because this stuff is seriously orangey.

My main reason for choosing a fruit scented shower gel was that I was hoping the citrus smell would help wake me up in the morning. This certainly does that, and leaves the bathroom smelling or oranges for a long time afterwards, too. The liquid itself is nice and thick – you only need a small amount of it to do your whole body, and while it doesn’t give much of a lather, when used as a bubble bath, it does build up some satisfyingly big and frothy bubbles, which stick around for as long as you do, rather than just melting instantly, like some cheaper brands.

I bought this from Asda, but you can also buy it from Nirvana Spa’s website. 

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  1. If you want to wake up in the morning, I use this really great stuff called “Awaken”. I’t got a eucalyptus smell that really does the trick in the early AM. It’s by a company called Personal Alchemy. (www.personalalchemy.com ??? – I think…)
    It’s almost better than coffee!

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