When Telemarketing Goes Wrong

RantsFeb 11 20086 Comments

You know what I hate? What I really, really hate? Telemarketers who not only call me up to try and sell me stuff when I’m a member of the Telephone Preference Service, but telemarketers who HANG UP ON ME without another word the second the words "Sorry, I’m not interested," come out of my mouth. I mean, seriously, that’s just rude, isn’t it? Did their mothers never teach them how to close a call professionally? DO THEY SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT?

The latest offender was a Chinese restaurant in our town, who, seeing as they weren’t ashamed to slam the phone down on me as soon as I politely declined their offer of having my business featured on their menu, presumably won’t mind being named here – it was the China Glen in Livingston. Guess I’m not going to be eating THERE then…

Shortly after that I was called by a rep from a catalogue company. "Is that Mrs McNugget?" she asked. (They always call me that. Most of the time I just say, "Sorry, you have the wrong number, no one by that name here!", but this time I decided to play along.) I admitted that it was,indeed, "Mrs McNugget". Even although that makes me sound like some kind of crazy cartoon Scottish person with a kilt and possibly a beard. "OK, Mrs McNuggest," said the telemarketer. "For security purposes, before we continue the call, I’m going to need you to confirm your address, postcode and telephone number."

Er, sorry, but WHY? Why have they started doing this? They call you to try and sell you something you don’t need/want, but before they do, they try to get you to hand over all of your personal details. WHY? Because they think you’re stupid, that’s why. I mean, if a random stranger walked up to you in the street and asked you for your name, address and telephone number, you wouldn’t just spit it out, would you?

Now, I did think this one had the potential to turn into the type of call I had with Lynette from MBNA that time, but I was feeling slightly frazzled by this point, so I settled for telling her that for MY security reasons I didn’t really want to give her my details, and she went away. And why was I feeling frazzled, I hear you ask? (Note: I don’t really. Oh, I KNOW you don’t care about my ongoing bathroom issues – I just pretend you do. It makes me feel important.) Because these calls (plus about five other marketing calls) came to me on Friday, which just so happened to mark the start of the Weekend of No Bathroom.

No, the bathroom project is STILL not finished. We DO now have most of the wall around the bath re-tiled, but the rest of the room still looks like a building site, and we weren’t able to use the shower for 48 hours while the "grout" dried, which meant that we’ve spent the weekend driving to the gym every time we wanted a shower. (I KNEW that gym membership would be useful for SOMETHING!) It wasn’t a whole lot of fun – especially not for Terry, who had to do the tiling AND listen to me whining about it all.

We’re hopeful it will be finished sometime before the end of the decade. In the meantime, this is Mrs McNugget, signing out…