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Pump It Up

A long time ago, in a land not-so-very-far from here, there lived a beautiful princess young woman who decided to take a step class at her local gym. "I shall take a step class," said the young woman. Read more [...]

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Rubin writes... I killed the postman yesterday. Don't listen to what Amber says: that postman? He dead. Seriously, dudes, he may not have died on the spot, but I could tell by the terrified look in Read more [...]

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Barking Mad

Rubin writes... Basically, I've been barking like a madman EVERY SINGLE morning. I start about half an hour before A&T normally get up, and I WILL NOT STOP until they haul ass out of bed and come Read more [...]

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Rubin writes.... Heh. Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the garden, he's back - The Fat Kid From Next Door (TFKFND). And this time he has a Fat Friend... I couldn't believe it. Hadn't Read more [...]

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