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Caffeinetights Skinkiss Caffeine Tights aren’t the usual type of beauty product we tend to review here, because they are, in fact, clothes rather than a cream, lotion or potion. They do, however, have a beauty-related purpose, and leave it to Dollface to find out what it is…

Caffeine Tights, you say? What are they?

Just like it says on the tin packet, they’re tights infused with micro-capsules of caffeine – yes, the kind that you drink in your coffee. As you wear the tights, the caffeine is released into your skin, where it helps burn fat, reduce the circumference of your thighs and help mimimise the appearance of cellulite. Sounds good, no?

The tights come foil-packed, just like coffee, with each pack containing three pairs of tights. The tights can be washed up to five times each before you wash out the caffeine, and it’ll take two to four weeks before you’ll see the results. Take a look after the jump to see how our intrepid tester (Norma of Keeping It Realtor) got on when she tried caffeine tights out for herself…


"What surprised me most was how nice these tights looked. Knowing that their purpose is to reduce fat, etc, I was expecting something that would be good for me, but might not look too great, but the tights are soft, silky and basically look like a good quality pair of non-caffeinated tights. So I was impressed."


"I got a size small, and was worried that the may not fit, but they did, and there was none of the dreading bagging or wrinkling either. Very comfortable.

But did they have any effect on your thighs?

"I think so! I didn’t measure them before I started, so maybe it’s my imagination, but I do think my legs are looking smoother, and to the naked eye, they seem slimmer, too. Mind you, I’ve only been wearing them for two weeks, so perhaps they’ll have an even better effect when I’ve been trying them for longer."

Anything you didn’t like?

"Only that they don’t come in different deniers. I don’t generally wear sheer tights, so I would love it, and would definitely buy them, if they were available as opaques, and perhaps in a wider range of colours."

(The tights we tried were 15 denier and black – they’re also available in skin tone).

Buy them: Caffeine Tights , £33 at Tights Please

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