Before we go any further here, I should just point out that the picture below doesn’t really do justice to this powder. In real life it’s much prettier and has much more of a sheen to it, so blame my photographic skills rather than the shadow itself for the fact that it doesn’t look quite as good here as it does on your skin!

(I should also point out that I just applied this really roughly before my morning shower to let you see the colour, so no criticism of my makeup skills either, please!)

With that little disclaimer out of the way, this is Paradise Sands Mica powder from Coastal Scents, and I’m pretty enamored with it. In the picture below, I’ve used it dry, as eyeshadow, but you can also use it wet, and on your face or lips. The powder itself has an insane amount of sparkle to it, which I love. As with most shadows, though, applying a smaller amount and blending it in well will give you a much more subtle look, and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it for daytime, although it should be said that I’m a fan of "sheen". Yes.

If you build it up, however, it will give you a really intense, metallic look, which is very dramatic and best used for glitzy occasions!

I’ve only tried it as an eyeshadow (and been impressed with its staying power, too – no bleeding and it has stayed put all day – so far) but as I mentioned above, it can also be used on your lips and face. When I tried rubbing it in to my hand, it left a gorgeous, shimmery glow, so I would be tempted to use it that way for a summer evening look, on my face, or you could really use it anywhere you wanted a bit of a sparkly glow.

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